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NBA 2K18提示 & 技巧 (发布细节)

I am sure you already know that NBA 2K18 has arrived this week with 2K Sports once again looking like the leader in the industry when it comes to sports video games. This is the perfect moment to discuss about the best NBA 2K18 Tips & Tricks so far. For most, one of the more interesting elements of an annual release is the player ratings built from the ground up by the developers based on the real-life happenings on the court.

NBA 2K18 available for PS4, 的Xbox一个, and Nintendo Switch Versions

The latest iteration of the premiere basketball sim is now available for PS4, 的Xbox一个, and the Nintendo Switch. Anyone still gaming on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 will also be able to buy NBA 2K18, but as these platforms are no longer the focus of development, chances are these editions will be very similar to the previous releases.

NBA 2K18 Nintendo Switch Details and Hands-On Impressions

We recently got to go hands-on with NBA 2K18 at a special preview event in New York, and we can now confirm that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be near enough identical to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Every single mode, including MyGM, MyPlayer, and MyTeam will be included on the Switch version of the game, meaning you won’t be missing out on any features.

The Switch version of NBA 2K18 will also feature Amiibo support, although we don’t currently know in what capacity, and the game will run at 30 frames per second in both docked and handheld mode. Check out our editor Kat Bailey’s quick impressions of the Switch version just below:

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

NBA 2K18 New Neighborhood Social Club Feature

At the aforementioned preview event for NBA 2K18, we got our first glimpse at the new Neighborhood social hub feature for the game, which you can see a few snippets of just below. It looks set to be a forum for player avatars in the game, in the same way that Splatoon 2’s Inkopolis Square lets you show off your equipped clothing items and other accessories.

NBA 2K18提示 & 技巧 – How to Score Guide !

Scoring is essential if you’re going to win a game of NBA 2K18. In this NBA 2K18 Tips and Tricks Guide we’ll tell you how to score lots of points quickly and how to easily score in NBA 2K18.

  • Take time to learn who are superstars for your team. Just like in real life Steph Curry will be very different than Kyrie Irving. Knowing each player’s real life tendencies and strengths will give you a great foundation on how to use their digital counterparts.
  • Speed killsJamming on the sprint button keeps your players tired and also makes you predictable. Mix up your pace when dribbling and use your sprint in moments when your defender will least expect it.
  • Don’t be a player haterTake some time and learn some of the sets and plays of the team you are using. Go into practice mode and run those plays with the play diagrams on. This will let you both see how it should be run and give you an idea on how each play’s spacing should work.
  • “Pick” your poisonOne of the most underrated plays in all of basketball is the pick and roll. This subtle play gives both parts of the offense multiple routes with which to maneuver and keeps the defense guessing. The pick and roll game goes to the next level when you have players who can capitalize on it from both the shooter and cutter aspect. Also remember that if you have a “big” that has a decent mid-range shot, you can cause even more damage.
  • Remember that you have more passing options than you are used to. Passes don’t only have to be chest ones. Bounce passes are fantastic to post entries, Lead passes are amazing for cutting players. Always think of where you want a player to be instead of where they currently are. You’ll go from Raymond Felton to Jason Kidd level passing in no time.
  • “Motion of the Ocean”Teams have built in motion offenses that are tailored to their personnel. If you see a play break down, don’t be afraid to let the team freestyle. You might find some goodness in places you didn’t expect.
  • Don’t forget to substitute playersIf you are playing the game at simulation pace with full game minutes you’ll want to keep your stars fresh. Putting in some bench players before the half will keep them ready for the second half and also lets you get familiar with the other members of your team. You can also use a timeout to slow down a hot player on the opponent’s team.

Thank you to read my NBA 2K18 Tips & Tricks post !

Remember !!! The standard edition of NBA 2K18 Game is available to buy for 49.99 EUR (52 $) at STEAM <<这里>>

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